Stefan Vandoren

Stefan is the project leader. He has a background in theoretical physics, works on string theory, is crazy about black holes and lives in Utrecht. Originally he is from Belgium en therefore regularly enjoys a good Belgian beer, preferably combined with a chat about black holes...

Peter Jonker

Peter is closest to Stefan in organizing the project and he has a background in astrophysics. His research focuses on the formation and evolution of black holes.  Stefan and Peter share a deep interest in black holes and their vision is to use black holes to bind (pun intended) people from different disciplines and backgrounds. This shared vision of how to set up such an enthusiastic black hole crew makes them a great team together. Peter lives in Amersfoort and enjoys going for a ride on his racing or all-terrain bike.

Maureen Voestermans

Maureen is the DBHC project manager. Although officially mainly trained as a biomedical scientist, she followed physics courses in the first year of her BSc at the University of Amsterdam and now got back to this old passion in serve of the DBHC. You can always reach out to her if you need more information about the project (see contact information). She lives in Amsterdam and additionally works as a historical tourguide.